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Crafting your best academic essay

Now you have all your pre-work done. Your topic is picked and cleared, your research is done and notes taken, and bibliography worked, and you have done your outline. You have all the information to do your thesis paragraph, so what is left?

4 Steps

  • Correlate your notes
  • Design your paragraphs
  • Join the paragraphs into a neat package
  • Double check and edit

Step One

So what you want to do now is correlate your notes. The mess you have, and it will be all mixed up and in no order. Will be in an orderly fashion so when you start writing, everything is in an order so you can jump straight to them. Put all same topic notes in the groups you need for each paragraph. Set them under headers so you know what goes where. This is so you do not miss any. Especially those that might have more importance, forcing you to have to do an un-needed rewrite.

Step Two

Now you should have one or two references for the thesis and conclusion paragraphs. They do not have to be your stronger references, as these are just to help introduce, and close the paper. Your stronger references you want for the body of your paper. Read through your notes, and plan how you will use each of them. Tag each one in the order they will be used.

Step Three

Figure out how to join your paragraphs. They will need in some way to fit together, just as a story does. End your thesis with a quote that will bring the reader into the essay. Start your Conclusion with a line that brings them to the ending. End each paragraph of your body with some means that the next paragraph will explain or answer.

Step Four

Double check that all information is in your essay, your spelling is correct, and it follows the style. Check your grammar, and the coherency of your essay. Then get it edited by essay writing company or someone else that can be trusted. Do as many rewrites as needed, even though your goal is to do as few as you can. The more essay papers you write, the better you will get at it. However, once I didn't have enough time to finish my paper, and decided to hire an expert writer to write an essay for me.

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