Academic Writing Basics: What Is A Self-Reflective Essay?

Writing an article is a compelling task which always requires a continuous effort by the author. In addition to a creative idea, you will require the right focus in order to create a self-reflective essay of your own. In this kind of paper, you will a life-changing experience which has shifted your own perspective of the world in some fashion. In this article, we proceed to review the basics about this type or essays.

Creating a strong introduction

In this first paragraph, you may use a first-person approach to the audience. The objective of the introduction is to present your personal situation. In addition, you ought to introduce the reader to the story you are about to develop. For instance, you could something like “I have learnt the importance of self-management through my work on the degree's final paper.” This direct perspective serves to set the scene to your first-person insight.

Personal experience

Next, you may proceed to develop the key ideas about your experience. Keep in mind that you should include details and anecdotes which complement your personal experience. By doing so, you will provide a more complete set of idea to the audience. A self-reflective essay is based on the details which make the storyline credible to the reader. In addition, your audience may find common points with similar situations of every day's life.

Pros and cons

Once you have exposed your personal experiences, you should proceed to evaluate the strong and weak points. What are your most valuable skills? What do you need to improve about your own performance in the situation you have exposed? When you answer to this interrogations, you will show how this experience actually helped you to growth as a person and which part of your life it affected the most.

Create a conclusion

Showing how your personal growth took place is the aim of a self-reflective essay. Therefore, you should restate the main premise in your conclusion by using another words. You could rephrase or arrive to an ultimate conclusion about your personal experience. The latter is the most adequate options in this kind of articles.

You should never neglect the importance of a strong conclusion. Most readers will especially remind the introduction and the conclusion. This is why you should focus on having accurate sentences which expose your ideas clearly in both of these paragraphs.

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