A List Of Great Short Essay Topics On Indian Freedom Struggle

Below is a list of topics to pique your interest for your short essay for school or university.

The suppression of the Quite India Movement

The Quit India Movement was a civil disobedience movement started by Mahatma Gandhi in a bid to have the British withdraw from India, and you can discuss how the British suppressed this movement.

The mutiny at Vellore Fort in 1806

You can describe and discuss the Sepoy mutiny at Vellore Fort that started in the early hours of the morning of 10 July 1806.

Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent role in the Indian Freedom Struggle in South Africa

Mahatma Gandhi played a vital role in the independence movement in South Africaand eventually had the laws against Indians revoked. You can discuss how he did this in a peaceful, non-violent way.

The Paik Rebellion against the British East India Company

You can discuss the 18th century Paik Rebellion against the British East India Company led by Bakshi Jagabandhu.

A comparison of the Revolutionary movement for Indian independence to the peaceful protests carried out by Mahatma Gandhi

The Revolutionary movement for Indian independence was carried out by revolutionaries who believed that the only way to gain independence was through violent means. You can compare this to Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent protests.

The purpose and history of the All-India Muslim League

You can write your short essay about the history and purpose of the All-India Muslim League, which was an Indian political party founded in the 20th century.

A comparison of the major Nationalist Movements in India

There were three major nationalist movements in India, namely the Non Co-operation Movement, the Salt Satyagraha, and the Quit India Movement. You can compare these three movements in your essay.

The meaning and origin of Satyagraha

You can write your short essay about the meaning and origin of Satyagraha, which is a type of non-violent resistance that Mahatma Gandhi used during the Indian Freedom Struggle.

The purpose of the Non Co-operation Movement

The Non Co-operation Movement was a non-violent political movement led by Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian Freedom Struggle. You can discuss its purpose in your essay.

The two different interpretations of the Lahore Resolution

The All-India Muslim League produced the Lahore Resolution to form independent states for Muslim Indians in the country. There is still some debate about the interpretation of this statement. You can critically compare the two different interpretations of this resolution.

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