How To Find The Best Essay Topic On To Kill A Mockingbird

Are you creating an essay on How To Kill A Mockingbird, but need some guidance on selecting a topic that will enable you to reach the top grade out there? It is a great book and therefore deserves for a top quality project to be completed on it. However, without a title that you can get enthusiastic about it can be difficult. Therefore read on for some suggestions on how to select a title, and examples of ones that you can complete:

Selecting a title

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a title for any kind of project out there:

  • Interest levels: if you are able to have a genuine interest level for the title, then you’ll see how much easier the project will be.

  • Research material: you have to select the kind of title that you can find research material on.
  • Simple: don’t overcomplicate things by selecting a very difficult title. Keep things simple and you’ll still be able to get the top title.

Possible titles

Here are some topics that you can implement on the How To Kill A Mockingbird book:

  • Compare the main characters, and state what you liked about them
  • Describe the most interesting chapter of the book
  • What would you change about the ending and why
  • Compare the top chapters and why do you like them?
  • State the biggest twist or piece of information in the book
  • What are the worst characters in the book and why?
  • Compare the book to a similar one in the same genre
  • Compare this book against other one written by the same author
  • How would you compare the book to one written by a Russian author?
  • How would you compare the book to one written by a German author?
  • Do you think the length of the book is too long or too short?
  • What chapter in the book would you make longer, and why?
  • How can you increase the interest level of the book to suit younger readers?
  • Does the book rank highly among other classics in the genre?
  • Do you think that the book is a great one for movies to be made based off it?

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