How To Come Up With Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Topical writing can be quite a challenge and particularly to those who are not used to writing. In academia, at some point in time you will be required to come up with a topic of your own rather than composing a literary piece based on a topic that has been supplied by your tutor. While there are students who are very good at this, some simple can’t afford to think of something creative. Many times, it has been said that good writing is inspired but again, there are good writers out there who have mastered this skillful art through hard toil. They practice almost everyday to sharpen their literary skills fully aware that some time in the future, it will be tested. Well, compare and contrast essays are arguably the easiest and the reason being is that one will always be writing on similarities as well as differences of a given concept, person, issue or thing. But, as studies have indicated, there are students who still find this difficult. Suppose you are facing exams in two weeks that would require you to come up with a comparative essay topic on your own, how will you go about it? In this article, ways and means of getting this right are discussed; you have every reason to read on.

Read examples

One way that will give you a clue on great compare and contrast essays is through comprehensive reading. When tasked with topic creation, it is imperative that you take a look at examples of articles that have a strong bearing with what you are tasked to do and you can be sure, half of your problems will have been solved.

Brainstorming exercises has helped many

To brainstorm is to think creatively and there is no doubt some students have always found this as the best way to get great topics. This is all about creativity and when brainstorming, always takes a look at things around you. Think of current issues, people, events and your environments and you will be sure to unearth immense value of creative thinking.

Explore ideas

You can also come up with great comparative and contrast essays through idea exploration. In this regard, you have got to interact with people around you to get to hear about their world view, opinions about issues and stand. This way, a topic will be on its way to your mind.

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