A List Of Exciting Argumentative Essay Topics For College

When you write compositions in college, your topics have to be appropriate. You have to leave behind your high school favorites and then move on to university style topics. However, if you have never written a university essay, how do you know what is appropriate? As you get ready to work on this, use our list of exciting argumentative essay topics for college. Remember, an argumentative style essay, takes a side and supports that side in an attempt to convince the audience to agree with the author.

Exciting List of Argumentative Topics

  • - Should college admission be free for anyone who wishes to attend-this topic is relevant, hot, trending, and sure to create a stir. You may have classmates who are struggling to pay for their school. Your audience will care about this issue.
  • - Police forces have too much power, which leads to police brutality-the sides will be formed on this hot and exciting topic. Make sure that any data you use is accurate and obtained from a credible and academic source. Should marijuana be legalized in all fifty states-again, this subject is hot and exciting. Everyone has a vocal opinion.
  • - Be prepared to have a lot of academic and credible research for your support. Your opinions must be fully supported in this exciting argumentative piece.
  • - Should colleges eliminate standardized test scores for admission-this trend has taken hold in other parts of the world, and seems to be successful? Because the odds are great that every student in your writing class had to take a standardized test; the audience will be interested in what your essay says.
  • - Immigration and should the immigrants be turned away from entering the United States-this topic is sensitive, and you may have immigrants in your class. As you compose this essay, just remember to keep a formal and an academic tone. Present your argument and your facts the best that you can.
  • - Rape and college campuses-many laws have been passed which apply to campuses and what the word consent means. Do you think this is a good idea or do you think it puts young men at a distinct position of being falsely accused of a sexual crime? This topic is sensitive, and you need to depend or oppose the law without hurting any feelings of females who may have been in this horrible situation.

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