5 Places Where You Can Find a Good MBA Essay Example

MBA essay samples are easy to discover online, but you can seldom be completely sure about the quality of these examples. Here is a brief guide to places where you can find good MBA essays.

  1. Personal contacts.
  2. If you have a friend who has successfully entered a MBA program, do not hesitate to ask him or her for a copy of their admission essay. Most people type their essays in Word and hence retain a digital copy. You can be sure that your friend’s essay is a good example since it got him or her into a business school.

  3. Admission helper websites.
  4. Search the Web for MBA admission help services such as Aringo. Along with costly individual help to those willing to hire it, they provide free essay samples to everyone who visits their website. All these examples are actual essays written by their clients who got admitted. Narrow your search by business schools (Harvard, Wharton, or Stanford) or types of essays (“career goals,” “why MBA,” or “failure”) to discover samples that you can make most use of.

  5. Admission blogs.
  6. Some former MBA admission officers keep blogs where they upload successful essay samples to help current applicants. When you discover such a blog, Google its author’s name to make sure that this person is actually a former admission officer. If he or she is, you can trust the samples you discover on the blog. All these essays belong to actual successful applicants, with a few minor details and names changed to protect their privacy.

  7. Libraries.
  8. Your local or university library can have a handbook on writing MBA essays, with relevant samples and recommendations. Although such books are much more difficult to find than admission help websites, they are a great source of good examples. When you use an MBA essay sample from a book, you can be sure that it has been proofread and brought in compliance with a particular school’s current requirements (especially if the book is a recent edition). Meanwhile, the samples found online may be flawed as they do not undergo any sort of check.

  9. Bookstores.
  10. If you can’t see any MBA essay writing handbooks in your library, consider buying one. A book’s cost is negligible as compared to that of MBA programs, and buying it can save you much time and effort. Check the author’s credentials to make sure you are not wasting your money. Best handbooks of this sort are written by former MBA admission officers.

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