Writing a Strong Analysis Essay on Hills Like White Elephants

“Hills like white elephants” is a short story by Ernest Hemingway. If you are to write an essay on the analysis of this story, you need to be very careful with the symbolism and theme of the story. It is a good idea to read the story first and then think about the analysis. Students would try to look up for readymade analysis on the internet but that is not going to help.

  1. First because the teacher can tell if your paper has plagiarism
  2. Second, because you will not get the actual theme and environment in which the story is composed
  3. Last because you will not have any interest in the essay and will merely rephrase what you find on the web. The reader can tell if the writer does not have an interest in the paper

If you want to write an analysis essay on the short story by Hemingway, you need to read it with all your heart. In the first attempt you might not understand what the story is about, you need to read it twice or even thrice to get the real feel.

Once you understand the theme of the story, you need to write in your own words and read the story again to match your understanding. Take a pen or pencil in your hand and keep underlining the places that need attention. When you read the story, you will find it different than the traditional story telling in the era of 90’s. In those times, the author used to take the readers through the story and there was a strong presence of the author and his voice. On the contrary, we do not find the author anywhere in this story. It simply talks about two character involved in the plot. The editors of that time also argued that there is no personalization in the story. Hemingway does not describe anything about the physical appearances of the two characters. They do not even have solid names as opposed to the other characters of that time. The story indeed was out of the norms in the 90’s and many people did not get it when they had a first reading.

The story revolves around the argument that the man and girl have about having an abortion. The main definitely does not want the kid and it is visible through his dialogues in the story.

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