10 Innovative Topics For An Argumentative Essay On Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is quite common and this should not surprise you At that this stage in life, most people do not wish to adhere to rules and regulations. Also, most young people have a hard time finding their place in society and so they engage in all sorts of activities that deviate from the norms.

Parents, educators and law enforcement officers are always hard at work trying to find ways of keeping the young ones in line, which has proven to be a difficult task. The following is a list of innovative topics for an argumentative essay on juvenile delinquency:

  1. 1. Would you agree that the present systems of education and youth activities do not fully address the stimulative needs of the younger generation and this is the main reason for their deviant behavior?
  2. 2. What role does family participation play in the likelihood that a child will begin to act in a manner that is disruptive to their healthy growth and development?
  3. 3. Would mentor-ship programs, for example, ones that require young people to spend a certain amount of time, everyday, with an authority figure, have any effect on the rate of juvenile delinquency?
  4. 4. Some young people simply do not wish to do what is required of them to become functioning members of society and so we should expect a certain percentage of people to deviate from acceptable behavior.
  5. 5. Studies have shown that certain locations have a higher rate of juvenile delinquents. Is there enough evidence to show that some environments are directly related to the chance that a child will become involved in unproductive activities?
  6. 6. The child is responsible for their own actions and less credit should be given to peer pressure, instead authorities should focus on the personal surroundings of individual delinquents.
  7. 7. Some criminals harm innocent persons because they have a different brain chemistry than the average person. Is it possible that this could also be the case for many delinquents?
  8. 8. The way that society deals with delinquents does more harm than good since it commonly alienates the involved persons. The systems of reformation should be redesigned to be more inclusive of every personality type rather than further separating them from society.
  9. 9. The assumption that delinquents are incapable of academic tasks is false and should not be stated as a reason why some students choose this way of life.
  10. 10. Do unstable home environments affect the likelihood that a child will be a delinquent?

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