A List of Brilliant Essay Topics for 4th Graders: Being Innovative

If your 4th grader has some difficulties with deciding on a topic for his or her essay, you should start by explaining what factors must be considered when doing this. Your child needs to understand how to develop a good topic so that there will be no problems like this in the future.

These factors are:

Understanding of the material.

Choose the topic from one of the subjects that have already been covered in class. It will be easier for a child to work on this assignment if he or she already understands the material.

Personal interest.

It’s imperative that the child, especially one so young, is interested in the subject. It can be difficult to motivate younger students to work on big assignments, such as essays. However, when the child likes the topic, you shouldn’t have any problems with motivation.


Explain the importance of relevance to your child. You need to teach your son or daughter how to identify relevant subjects.

Once you are done explaining how one should go about choosing a topic, you can focus on offering suggestions. Here are some prompts that might help you:

Gold fish memory span.

This is a good choice if you actually have a gold fish and enough time to conduct some experiments. Study the existing research and practice training your pet.

Dangers presented by mold.

Teach your child to identify various kinds of mold and explain which are most harmful. The essay should include not only dangers but also mold infestation prevention tips and ideas on how to solve this problem.

Volcanic eruptions.

Explain how and why they occur. How do they affect people’s lives? Use some historical examples.

Do Unidentified Flying Objects exist?

Offer your own UFO theories and try to find some solid evidence to support these claims.

Bermuda Triangle mystery.

List various accidents and other occurrences that are actually documented. Offer your own theory about the mystery of this particular location.

Cloud watching.

This essay should have two parts. One will be focused on explaining different types of clouds and cloud formations. The other should explain why cloud watching can be a therapeutic form of stress relief.

King Arthur’s Knights.

Research the actual history of King Arthur and his knights. How is reality different from popular legends?

Cold War causes and effects.

Identify the most important reasons that caused Cold War. Can this situation be repeated today?

Possible dangers of the Artificial Intelligence.

What are the possible benefits and risks presented by AI?

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