Picking Up a Good Topic for Your To Kill a Mockingbird Analysis Essay

Students often have troubles choosing essay topics. Even if they are given a literature work to analyze, they still procrastinate and waste their time trying to select good topics. To Kill a Mockingbird is a famous novel written by Harper Lee in 1960. Instructors at high schools and colleges often give assignments on this classical piece of American literature. They are not hard to complete successfully if students know how to write analysis essays and understand the main ideas of the novel clearly.

You should keep the following in mind if you want to write a high quality analysis essay.

  1. Write a proper introduction.

    Your introduction should begin with a topic sentence that identifies the title and author of the novel. It is also a good idea to make some comments about the novel’s significance. The scope of your writing should be established in your introductory paragraph as well, so you should narrow down your topic and explain your readers what you are going to write about further. The last sentence of this paragraph should provide your thesis statement.

  2. Compose relevant body paragraphs.

    The body of the paper should consist of at least three paragraphs. Each one should provide evidence, examples, and illustrations from the text. Paragraphs should begin with topic sentences, explain what is happening in the story, and outline important dialogues and descriptions. However, remember that this is your paper, so you should write it in your own words as much as possible, thought the quotations play a vital role. This type of essay requires relevant quotations followed by your analysis and comments. It is a bad idea to provide long quotations; general requirements state that each quotation should be no longer than three lines.

  3. Summarize the ideas and prepare a conclusion.

    In your conclusion, you should mention the novel’s merits, its outstanding features, and summarize all the issues described in your essay.

Some of the study questions that you can use as samples are listed below:

  • How has Jem changed from the beginning of the novel until its end?
  • What was special about the Tom Robinson’s trial?
  • What do you think about Atticus as an ideal father?
  • Why do many readers sympathize with Mayella Ewells?
  • What can be considered as a gentlemanlike behavior according to the evidence presented in Chapter 11?
  • Can you understand anything important about the residents of the town from the author’s description of Maycomb?
  • How do characters of Aunt Alexandra and Miss Maudie differ?

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