20 Potential Topics For Writing An Unbiased Expository Essay

Expository essays are ones students are taught to write at the earliest age. Practically any topics can be chosen for such a paper and practically all of them are unbiased. The only thing you need to know about these essays is the matter of your personal interest. That is, to compose a good paper, you need to be interested in things you are speaking about. Choose a topic that makes you feel excited about the very process of writing. Make sure that you really enjoy this subject and that you definitely have enough material to speak about it.

If you are allowed to choose a topic on your own and you feel that you will hardly cope with this task, you can take advantage of ready suggestions that are easily found on the Internet. Below, you will also find a list of topic ideas that can be used for a really mature, smart and intelligent expository essay.

  1. What’s the effect of social networks on people’s ability to communicate and their real life?
  2. What does it mean to be a smart consumer? What does one need for it?
  3. What’s the history of your college mascot and motto?
  4. What’s the connection between a person’s mood and the quality of their memory?
  5. What’s the toughest effect of the global warming and how soon is it to come?
  6. What’s the impact of wars on the development of the civilization?
  7. What’s the connection between being educated and being successful in life?
  8. What’s the major cause of teenage and child obesity in the modern society?
  9. What’s the impact of video games on a personality, if there is any?
  10. What’s the impact of the Internet on the way people have started to communicate recently?
  11. What’s the main thing a freshman should remember to survive the first time at the new grounds?
  12. What should one do to pay for education without collecting a range of debts?
  13. What’s the tip that helps students choose the best college?
  14. What’s the worst today’s student’s nightmare?
  15. What’s the major change that has happened to your college recently?
  16. What’s the best quality of a perfect roommate?
  17. What’s the importance of dating people in college?
  18. What’s the fun of blind dating?
  19. What’s the meaning of romance in the life of today’s teenagers?
  20. What’s the life within a common students’ sorority or a fraternity?

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