25 Fresh Extended Essay Topics About The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a popular heart throbbing novel composed by F. Scott Fitzgerald dating back to 1925. Scott Fitzgerald showcases the lifestyles in West Egg located in Long Island. This novel was written depicting the impact of jazz music which modified the conventional lifestyle of American society in 20th Century. Choose top 25 essay writing topics to write literary content on Great Gatsby.

25 Topics on Great Gatsby

  • Character sketching of Daisy
  • Synopsis of Great Gatsby
  • Assess the impact of Agrarian community to influence Fitzgerald to write Gatsby
  • Poetic genre used by Fitzgerald to farm the plot of the novel
  • George Wilson’s contribution to symbolize the American Dream
  • Assess role of Gatsby
  • Discuss the overall impact of jazz music during 20th century to influence Fitzgerald
  • Evaluate Nick’s Contribution as a narrator
  • Fitzgerald’s expertise in painting American Dream
  • Find the villain in Gatsby
  • Analyze different themes used by Fitzgerald to sketch the American Dream in this novel
  • Personifications, images and metaphors used by Fitzgerald
  • Describe main ideas delivered by Fitzgerald
  • Analyze the symbols of different locations in Great Gatsby
  • Assess contributions of different social classes
  • Central themes of Great Gatsby
  • Evaluate Gatsby as a romantic hero
  • Is Gatsby acceptable to modern generation as a romantic hero?
  • Satirical portraiture of 20th century modern American society in Great Gatsby
  • Compare and contrast different characters in Gatsby
  • Show various techniques used by Fitzgerald to sketch characters
  • Choose a morally ambiguous character in Gatsby and do perfect evaluation
  • Write about American identity in Great Gatsby
  • Plot construction of Gatsby
  • Find the despicable figure in Gatsby
  • Short analytical note on withering 20th Century American Dream

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