Winning Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

The argumentative essay is, quite possibly, one of the most common essay types you will encounter as a student, especially a student of politics. Its design is quite simple, all that is required of an author is that they hold a strong view on a particular subject. They must then construct a paper supporting their views, as well as the views of the opposing side.

The structure of this essay can seem a bit confusing and you must find ways of making it simple. This can be done through separation of the different requirements for you paper, then attacking them separately. The following is a list of high school, argumentative essay topics for you to consider:

  1. Why I should be allowed to use drugs and drink alcohol from a younger age.
  2. Why I should be allowed to ignore a curfew set by my parents.
  3. Penalties for crimes are pointless since they do not actually do anything to reduce crimes.
  4. Torture may be a viable source of crime rehabilitation in some cases
  5. The lottery is taking advantage of uneducated persons.
  6. The act of taxing citizens is an outdated practice and should be outlawed.
  7. Using animals for research should not be seen as a problem since they can be bred for that purpose.
  8. People cheat in relationships more than most of us are aware.
  9. Computers are removing our ability to think and function on our own.
  10. The reasons why cigarette smoking is not banned despite being a slow form of suicide.
  11. Why cell phones are dangerous and worthy of being banned in all public places.
  12. Children today are nothing like children of the past.
  13. Giving teenagers access to condoms does not reduce the occurrence of pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections.
  14. Child labor being illegal is cramping the ability of some people to express themselves from a young age.
  15. Preventing teachers and students from having consented relations is a violation of human rights.
  16. The pay structure of companies is too unfair, higher level employees earn way too much compared to persons at the lower levels.
  17. Parents are way to protective of their children and should allow them to make decisions from a younger age.
  18. Boredom is the main cause of delinquent behavior in teens.
  19. Why I think religion should be banned in public places.
  20. The reason why it is impossible to outlaw fossil fuel as a main energy source.

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