Selecting Interesting Essay Topics: Key Rules To Remember

The process of selecting an essay becomes easy when you understand the topic thoroughly. It is suggested that you ask yourself certain questions that are related with the theme. Try to explore the subject related with recent events and latest developments. Ignite your creativity and explore through magazines, websites, newspapers and library.

If you want to know more, digest the following key rules

  • Choose topic based on your grade: Remember, the topic should complement the standard of your class. If you are in eighth grade or are pursuing a degree course, pick the topic relevantly.
  • Research: The topic should not be too common. Do an extensive research and try to find some unique elements that a common man is not aware of.
  • The topic should look highly catchy: Apart from that try to make an interesting start. The first 30 seconds create a special room in reader’s heart, so try to make them as interesting as possible. If your starting is monotonous, your all efforts might turn into vain as it’s possible that reader does not find the topic interesting and leave the essay in between.
  • Your capabilities: Choose the topic you have good command. Your comfort level will help you in exploring further and changing the direction of your writing with the flow of thoughts.
  • Pick factual and current topics: It will help the readers in memorizing your content for long.
  • Choose a vast topic: A narrow topic will not have much to write. It will limit the availability of information. It will help you cover much in limited words.
  • Brainstorm: Write topics as they strike your mind and finalize thereafter.
  • Talk and talk: Since your class mates are doing the same homework, talk to them and exchange your thoughts.
  • Connect yourself with Social networking websites: These are wonderful way to explore.
  • Surf through search engines: You will feel yourself lucky to find interesting topics.
  • Professional assistance: Seek help through qualified writers or your professors.

Where else to look for?

Check for the following sources

  • Have a look at the digital dissertations.
  • Go through the blogs that are written on imaginable subjects. Blog directories are a good way to discover highly interesting topics.
  • Do not forget to surf through the journal and databases of online magazines.
  • Check online encyclopedias.
  • Online topic archives
  • Online and offline books , reference books, indexes, its table of content.

Furthermore, think for your purpose of writing, your objective and the target audience.

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