Winning Persuasive Essay Topics Dealing With Animals

Animal-related topics are extremely beneficial for essay writing, because a vast variety of species allows you to choose any of them and write a paper about it. In your persuasive essay you have to present your own concern and attitude towards animals. It is better to pick up a challenging question to develop on in your paper. You should select an outstanding topic if you want to succeed in creating an excellent piece of writing. Here are some ideas that may help you pick up a winning essay topic dealing with animals. It’s up to you which one to choose.

  1. 1. Rainforests devastation.
  2. Here you can discuss the threat of deforestation and steps that should be undertaken in order to prevent this danger.

  3. 2. Species inhabiting rainforests.
  4. This topic is rather beneficial and informative; you can use a lot of useful resources, including encyclopedias, journals, etc., which will help you create a good piece of writing.

  5. 3. Vanishing species.
  6. This topic is awfully challenging, for it allows you to raise an extremely important issue concerning animals that are about to disappear from the face of the earth.

  7. 4. Tests on animals.
  8. Here you can develop on a subject concerning animal testing for medical and cosmetic purposes and present your own point of view as to this issue.

  9. 5. Humanism versus fashion.
  10. Are you compassionate to animals whose fur is used to produce fancy clothes? If you choose this topic, you should present your own opinion as to this issue.

  11. 6. Legal aspects of animal protection.
  12. Here you can discuss some legal matters of animal protection or animal rights and examine whether legislation concerning this issue really works in your country.

  13. 7. Service animals and their breeding.
  14. Here you can develop on history of relations and cooperation between people and animals who have been serving people since ancient times.

  15. 8. An adaptation of animals in zoological gardens.
  16. Do you fancy the very concept of menageries? Here you can air a view concerning the idea of taking animals from their natural habitat.

  17. 9. Animal abuse in zoos.
  18. If you select this topic, you can bring about the issue of cruelty to wild animals in zoological gardens.

  19. 10. Diet for pets.
  20. In this essay you can develop on whether tinned food is safe and healthy for domestic animals.

The above tips may be used as a guide that will help you choose your own beneficial topic and explore it in your persuasive essay. Think of the main idea of your paper before you start writing, then search for some facts to support your thoughts.

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