Where to Get a Good Leadership Essay Example: the Top 5 Ideas

Many business classes and MBA programs will have essay requirements on leadership. Often, an essay on the student's personal leadership experience is a requirement to get into an MBA program. Fortunately, these can be some of the simplest papers to write. From focusing on a single entrepreneur to comparing different styles of leadership, students have many different essay ideas that they can use to get started.

Motivating Others

One of the key qualities of any leader is the ability to motivate other people. Members of a team or a workplace sometimes need an outside influence that drives them to succeed. In a business class, students can compare and contrast different motivational techniques. For shorter essays, they can focus on an individual motivational technique and explain how it works. Students that are applying for an MBA program can use this same technique. They just need to demonstrate through personal examples how they motivated someone in their life to succeed.

Identifying and Solving a Problem

A leader is someone who looks at the big picture. While the employees focus on completing their individual tasks, leaders are constantly troubleshooting problems. A leadership essay could focus on how the student identified a problem and effectively solved it. Additionally, essays could use case studies from real leaders to demonstrate effective problem-solving techniques.

Building on Success

With such a focus on start up businesses and developing a business strategy, many entrepreneurs forget that they will one day need to maintain that success. Students can focus on different techniques for increasing business. An interesting paper could also include how a company transitions from a small business to a multi-million dollar corporation. Many companies suffer from growing pains during a transition, so writing about ways to manage these growing pains would make an extremely interesting paper.

Using Available Resources

A leader will not always have the tools necessary to do everything the “right” way. Students can write an essay about creative ways to marshal available resources to address a problem.

Team Building

Leaders are people who must motivate and lead others. To do this, the best leaders must be good at team building. They must be able to motivate the people around them and effectively use the talents of their employees. Students can write about the different ways that leaders can build a team. From after work events to company-wide competitions, there are a number of ways for leaders to create a more cohesive workplace.

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