List Of 10 Great Essay Topics On To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper Lee is a great novelist whose style of writing will forever be appreciated. To Kill a Mocking bird is Harper’s best publication still read to date. Born in April 26th 1926, Harper produced a number of publications but her favorite and perhaps what records show as widely read is To Kill a mocking bird. Until his passing on Feb February 16th 2016, she received a number of awards for her great novels among which are the prestigious Pulitzer award. To Kill a Mocking Bird was published in 1960 and it become an instant big sale. It was just a year later when the author was christened with the Pulitzer in recognition of her great novel. To Kill a Mocking Bird is today used in American literature studies. The novel is based on Lee’s childhood observations. It takes a look at race, social class and parenting. The main themes are based on how children perceive their surrounding and particularly the ills that transpire in the society such as irrational behavior among a people of different skin colors. Later in 1950, Harper Lee wrote her second novel name Go set a watchman which also because a best seller.

Well, to someone who has read To Kill a Mocking Bird, a lot can be deduced from it in terms of topics. However, because there are still who will always find it challenging to formulate topics based on novels, this post is here to help. It takes a leap into a list of topics one can possibly craft out of To Kill a Mocking Bird and perhaps do a great literature analysis out of them, so read on for more.

  • Discuss the theme of racial segregation in the Novel to Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
  • How does Harper Lee’s approach to societal differences in terms of social class compare to modern day approaches
  • What is the place of the oppressed in Harper Lee’s world of racial discrimination
  • Draw on significance of Harper Lee’s approach to parenting and upbringing
  • Based on To Kill a Mocking Bird, suggest solutions to racism
  • Discuss societal strata based on the novel to Kill A Mocking Bird
  • What are the main stylistic devises Harper uses to craft her novel
  • The relevance of To Kill A Mocking Bird in modern literature
  • How is the Title To Kill A Mocking Bird relevant to the contents of the novel
  • Is Harper’s choice of topic, To Kill A Mocking Bird well informed based on your understanding of the novel.

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