Coming Up With Outstanding Essay Topics For High School Students

When you are evaluating potential topics, you should first take some time to brainstorm the things which interest you. The best topics are those in which you are truly interested. This passion will show through all of your writing and will make it easy for you to earn an “A” in class.AceMyPaper is here to help you with a choice of topics. If you are trying to brainstorm, take a few moments to review the list below, your course textbooks, your lecture notes, recent newspaper or magazine articles you watched, or recent documentaries or films you saw. All of these can provide inspiration for potential topics.

Consider the following:

Write about the origins of the first Thanksgiving and how pilgrims who had landed at Plymouth Rock contributed to the Native Americans war with other Native American groups in order to gain better knowledge of farming in sandy soil.

Write about the sum total of Britain’s naval fleet which was built with American trees and still exist today. Discuss the monopoly that was held over tobacco plants during the time that John Wolfe was able to mysteriously sneak seeds into America and take over the monopoly on the product.

Write about the neurological changes that increased use of technology are having on children today. You can focus on the sections of the brain whose job it is to control the movement of each of the five fingers, and how thanks to neuroplasticity the area controlling the movement of the thumb is now twice as large as the areas for the other four fingers in people who regularly type or swipe on tablet devices and smartphones.

Discuss the way that small rural villages in Guatemala can use microloans from nearby companies to start a small business, and what benefits this brings to the community as a whole. If the benefits are large, why have microloans not become a more popular alternative for the nationwide banking systems in the areas?

Write a paper about your favorite U.S. President and what contributions they made to the nation during their presidency. Discuss any failures or personal issues which may have contributed to bad decision making. Review the high rates of salmonella and other animal related diseases that are growing across America. Why have the increased rates of disease not been made public? Why are people not encouraged to prepare their meat better? And what have the meat manufacturers not be asked to recall infected products?

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