What Are the Most Important Rules for Efficient Essay Writing?

Whether you like it or not one of the most time-consuming activities you will find in your high school and college years will be writing essays. You'll get plenty of assignments in which you have to write short, medium and long essays. The principles of efficient essay writing are very important. If you learn them at a young age you can apply them throughout your entire academic career. And those same skills or rules for efficient essay writing can also be used in your working life.

Learn these rules, memorize them, and keep them handy so that they become part of your routine whenever you write an essay.

  • Choose the topic and title of your essay wisely and well.
  • Understand the importance of sticking to the topic.
  • Always use an outline or a plan.
  • Research and note taking are essential qualities.
  • The environment for your writing controls your efficiency level.

You will be a much more efficient essay writer when you have the background knowledge of the topic or if you are enthusiastic about writing about it or plan to study the topic in more detail later in your studies. Choose the topic of your essay along those lines.

You will always be an efficient essay writer if you stick to the topic. If there is a question to be answered then concentrate on presenting the arguments in favour of your answer. If there is a point to be proved as a result of your thesis statement then concentrate on that argument. Stick to the topic.

If you have a detailed outline or plan you must improve the efficiency of your essay writing. Take your time and create the best possible detailed plan and use it to make your actual writing efficient.

Your ability to write well and efficiently depends on the research material at your fingertips. Learn how to find the relevant research material, how to read it efficiently and take notes well. This material will be the basis of your writing and thus determine how efficient you will be.

The place in which you carry out your essay writing can have a large bearing on your efficiency. Is the area in which you do your study free from distractions? Is the lighting helpful? Is your furniture ergonomically sound? Getting the environment right can have a large impact on how efficient your essay writing will be.

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