12 Best Argument Essay Topics For University Students

Any aspiring college graduate will eventually have to go through the rigorous process of writing an essay for a writing class. For many this is no problem until it may come to writing an argument based essay which may be difficult for some to find an idea to argue. So in order to help students find something to write an argument essay on I will list 12 of the best argumentative topics to write on.

  • Is our political process fair? This can be a major argument as many people will have various opinions on how the system should operate in their country.

  • Is Global warming man-made? Can global warming be a natural phenomenon or man-made one linked to carbon emissions from civilization?

  • Are college admissions too difficult? Students often complain of the high level of tests needed to be admitted to a college is it possible it may be too difficult for some, therefore, unfair?

  • Is the government becoming too powerful? A major topic in today’s political scene is the continued expansion of government power. Is it too much and too far or not enough as some might think?

  • Does our legal system represent equality? Does our law fairly and justly give to everyone a fair and proportionate justice that equally satisfies all?

  • Do athletes make more money than they should? A good topic, in terms of income equality, as many people feels athletes and other public figures are paid far more than they deserve for what they’re doing.
  • Does homework help or hurt? A good argument in terms of education does homework help students learn the material better or does it exhaust them?

  • Does age matter in relationships? Most people date within their relative age group though some people go far above or below that, and many people wonder if it healthy or good to do so. Exploring this question and its problems would make for a good argumentative essay.

  • Do test scores accurately reflect the institution? Do students’ scores really reflect on the teaching of the schools or the students?

  • Should animals be used for research? Does it violate the animals’ rights and life to be used in scientific research?

  • Is cloning morally wrong? Could cloning devalue human lives and individuality and be a moral wrong?

  • Can science go too far? Does science sometimes push things too far and create potential problems for humanity?

These are but a few of the possible argumentative topics that can be found throughout the internet and school books to use for your own essay.

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