A List of Good Persuasive Essay Topics for College

After a teacher assigns a persuasive essay, students must think of a topic for their paper. With an interesting topic, the student will find it easier to write and research for their paper. Sometimes, the teacher will detail the type of topics that are expected in the persuasive essay. If the teacher allows any topic, students can use the following list of topic ideas to get started.

Persuasive Topic Ideas

  • Should seat belt laws exist?
  • Should the driving age be lifted to 21? Or should the drinking and voting ages be dropped to 16?
  • Should marijuana be legal for medicinal (or recreational) purposes everywhere?
  • Should buses allow elderly individuals to ride for free?
  • Should colleges be co-ed instead of all girls and all boys schools?
  • Should every student be required to learn another language in elementary school?
  • Should students receive a discount on tuition if they receive good grades?
  • Should illegal immigrants be prevented from getting drivers licenses?
  • Should the United States enter into a war against the Islamic State?
  • Should the students receive a laptop with course materials instead of a textbook?
  • Should colleges require physical education classes to graduate?
  • Should immigration be dealt with via a completely open border?
  • Should underage girls be allowed to get birth control without parents' approval?
  • Should college athletes be paid like professional athletes?
  • Should people be fined for not recycling?
  • Should genetically modified foods be labeled?
  • Should smoking be outlawed at any public location?
  • Should students be required to attend lectures in college?
  • Should college professors be given tenure? Should the rules about firing tenured professors be relaxed?
  • Should cities have free Wi-Fi available for the public?
  • Should college campuses have fast food options on-site?
  • Should people be required to take a parenting class before they become parents?
  • Should prostitution be a legal, regulated industry?
  • Should cities create better ways for people to carpool?
  • Should people be jailed for killing or poaching endangered animals?
  • Should professors be friends with students on social media websites?
  • Should Puerto Rico become an independent country?
  • Should the United States be involved in any military actions overseas?
  • Should the United States begin using the metric system?
  • Should animal testing be allowed for scientific and medical purposes?
  • Should college athletes be regularly drug tested?
  • Should alcoholic beverages be advertised on television?
  • Should drunk drivers have their licenses suspended for a year?
  • Should children be allowed to start working before the age of 16?

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