Creating A Good Title For An Essay About Jealousy

What do you need to do when you are asked to write a paper about jealousy but you have no idea? You do not necessarily have to be jealous or have to have gone through an experience with jealousy in the past for you to be able to write this paper. As a matter of fact, this is a paper that does not require your personal feelings, but an objective discussion into jealousy.

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The following are some good ideas that you can think about when you are writing on this particular topic:

  • - Discuss how jealousy conspires to destroy relationships
  • - Discuss how jealousy can be healthy to a relationship
  • - Study and comment on the concept of behavioral jealousy
  • - Explain how jealousy has been used in Othello, and how it helps to develop the theme
  • - Jealousy is a multidimensional concept that is made up of coping behavior, emotional behavior and cognitive behavior. Discuss how these three elements conspire to make an individual jealous
  • - Explain the origin of jealousy
  • - Study The Withered Aim, and discuss the concept of love and jealousy
  • - Explain how jealousy manifested in the ancient Greek society
  • - Explain the role of jealousy in the society, in as much as it is frowned upon in many cases
  • - Discuss any benefits that jealousy can bring to a relationship

Choosing a good title is very easy to some students, but at the same time it can be one hell of a challenge for others. Bearing this in mind therefore it would be necessary for you to try and ensure that you know what to look for, or how to construct one.

Some of the examples that we have mentioned above are very easy, things that you see on a daily basis in the world around you. This should give you the best perspective of what you really need to think about when you are looking for a good topic to work with.

A good title should make it easier for the reader to take one glance at your paper and fall in love with it. This is actually the all-time secret that you should learn about when thinking of a good title.

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