20 Essay Topic Examples That Can Help You Get Started

One of the things that people find it hard to master is the crafting of an efficacious topic. People can have good content but with the wrong choice of the title, everything else becomes obsolete and irrelevant. However, if your topic is interesting, there are chances that you can boost your ultimate score by a great percentage from the average mark. Before focusing on these essay topic examples, make sure that you are at par with the following.

Relate the topic to the question asked

One major reason why people end up with the wrong information in writing is simply because they are always in a hurry to commence writing and by the moment they realize that they have made a mistake, it is too late to fetch the paper back. Once you receive the question paper, read through the entire question to make sure that you have a complete apprehension of every small part.

Length of the topic

This also matters a lot when it comes to effective writing. Most reader prefer that the authors should employ a mixture of both the short and the long statements and phrases. This normally gives a good visual impression of the work that the teacher is doing.

Below is a list of the top 20 essay topic examples that one can craft about. Focus on each carefully.

  1. The influence of sports and games in my life
  2. How my life will be like in twenty years from now
  3. My best game selection
  4. The influence of friends in a person’s general life
  5. How to avoid procrastinating homework
  6. The best ways to make upper most level from online freelancing writing job
  7. How to ameliorate profits from ones business
  8. The qualities of my best friend
  9. The major things that make life more interesting
  10. How to start writing and become a professional and expert
  11. Should gun ownership be done away with in order to increase security?
  12. All the smokers should pay a specific tax amount
  13. Schools should not open at the dawn
  14. All the social media website should restrict on the case of age limitation
  15. Death sentence should not be used against murderers
  16. Homosexual behavior should be discouraged
  17. A friend who made my life worse
  18. How to improve in essay writing
  19. My best club in the football league
  20. How to find an online writing job

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