Globalization has become one of the major issues and concerns of many countries in the 20th Century and 21st Century. Globalization is the process of different countries doing business together despite their cultural, religious, and ethnical differences. There are have been many advancements in business world that makes it very easy for anyone to do business with another person anywhere in the world. The advancements in technology have made it very busy for individuals to do business with each other in different countries.

Here a few reasons why globalization has increased throughout the world:

  1. Exploration;
  2. Improvements in Technology;
  3. Improvements in relations among different countries; and
  4. Foreign Policy changes that have occurred in “developed” countries and “developing” countries.

Exploration has helped to improve relations between different countries since the creation of man. Many major empires like the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, and the English Empire have made the world seem smaller because they explored and conquered some of the greatest civilizations. These Empires have developed great explorers who have traveled to different parts of the world that were not known to have exist. But, one set back of exploration is that many great civilizations have been destroyed.

During the exploration of different countries, many countries would send diplomats to different countries to create relationships between the two countries. The creation of these relationships would make it easy for different countries to do business with each other. By the forming of treaties, many countries were given the chance to do business with each other. But, sometimes even with the treaties, some countries tried to take advantage of each other. Many of these treaties from the 14th Century to the 20th Century, have established strong relationships between different countries that have lasted for centuries. For example, United States of America and England continue to have a strong relationship with each other that has lasted centuries.

Many countries like Middle Eastern countries (Iran and Saudi Arabia) did not do business with other countries. But, such countries are starting to see the importance of Globalization for the growth and development of their countries. Many countries have no choice but to accept the growth of Globalization because of sanctions that other countries (like USA, England, China, and other countries from the United Nations) place on them. Many “developing” countries have to come realize the importance of changing their foreign policy when it comes to doing business with other countries.

One major reason that Globalization has changed over the past century is due to advancements in technology. The computer has made it easy for anyone to develop and create their own businesses. Also, the internet and website have a played a major role in changing how companies do business with each other. A business in China can sell their products or services to someone in Russia. With technology, there are some issues, with doing business over the internet because sometimes one never knows if the business is real or not.

Globalization is always changing and making it easier for individuals to interact with each other without any restrictions or borders. Globalization has made it easy for countries to improve their relationships with each other and make it easy for individuals from different countries to interact with each other. Globalization has changed the dimensions of which countries are the most powerful nations in the world, for example, Japan and China are considered major players in the global world.

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