8 Pointers To Help You Create A Strong Personal Response Essay

A personal response essay will generally require you to describe how you felt about a particular topic, such as a piece of literature. Ultimately, you will be discussing your emotions and feelings towards that topic, and the work will be relatively subjective.

1. Read other people’s work before you pick a topic

In order to help think of a good topic to write about, it can be a good idea to read through work that has been created by other people, so as to give you some extra inspiration.

2. Discuss ideas with friends and colleagues

Another great way of getting inspiration when it comes to thinking of topics to write about is to discuss ideas with friends and colleagues. In fact, you can help each other think of great ideas to write about, and you might be able to think of topics that you would not otherwise have thought of on your own.

3. Use brainstorming techniques to help you think of a title

Finally, you may wish to consider using various brainstorming techniques in order to come up with good ideas for your title.

4. Plan your paper thoroughly

Once you have picked a good title for your work, you will need to plan things thoroughly. This will include outlining what sections you need to write about, as well as putting forward a realistic timeframe for doing the work.

5. Getting started with the writing process

When it comes to starting the writing process, it can be a good idea to simply get some thoughts written down on paper.

6. Writing multiple drafts

It is worth noting that your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, and you can adapt any ideas that you originally wrote down. In fact, writing multiple drafts can help to ensure that you create a strong piece of work.

7. Allowing enough time to proofread and edit the work

Once you are happy with the final draft of your work, you should have allowed enough time to proofread and edit what you have written. While proofreading and editing, you should be looking out for any spelling or grammatical errors that you think you might have made.

8. Having the work checked by someone else

It is useful to check the work yourself; however, it can also be beneficial to have someone else check the work for you as well, particularly if you’re not confident in your ability to spot all of the mistakes.

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