The No-Fail Method To Pick Up Strong Essay Topics On To Kill A Mockingbird

An essay on a book is a standard academic writing assignment that is meant to check student’s knowledge within the subject and how well students have understood the text. However, if students are allowed to choose topics on their own instead of being given a prepared list by their teacher, they can face big problems.

So, if you need to create a strong essay topic on To Kill a Mockingbird, check out the following recommendations.

  • - Compose a paper on the author’s style. Topics of such projects sound like “Metaphors that Harper Lee has used in To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The specifics of composition in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee”, “The deep psychological approach in To Kill a Mockingbird”, etc. That is, you are going to write about things that are somewhat wider than the novel. Such topics can increase the volume of your project if you need it.

  • - Examine the characters. For example, create a project dedicated to “The image of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee”. The choice of only one character is a good trick because you will not have to explore the whole book in detail. You will need several brightest episodes that will show the character. The project will be deeply psychological if you manage to describe correctly the nature of the character and the idea the author puts in this character.

  • - Don’t choose problems or questions as a topic. Such a choice will significantly decrease the volume of your paper because, having answered the question or solved the problem, you will hardly be able to expand the thought further. If you choose a too wide topic like “The communication between a father and a child in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee”, you will have to be very detailed and give attention to all important scenes. Otherwise, you’ll have to explain why certain scenes were omitted.

  • - Take advantage of other people’s projects. The method is easy, unfair, but very helpful. Of course, you should never use somebody else’s papers as your own ones. You’d better use them as samples of good organization of your own paper and a source of inspiration. Seeing how other authors analyze the novel, what they explore, and choose something that will excite you and fill you with enthusiasm for further research. If you simply copy another student’s essay, the teacher will see it at once by the style that will be completely different from the one that you have.

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