How To Come Up With Good Essay Topics For 6th Grade Students

During 6th grade, teachers will start to prepare student for entering middle school. Due to this, there will be more writing assignments and a closer attention to the quality of the writing. Since 6th grade students will have to write essays more frequently, they should look up some topics in advance. If the student already has a topic prepared, they can immediately start writing once the assignment has been handed out. To get a head start on finding 6th grade essay topics, students can read through the following list of ideas. These essay topics can be used as they are written, or modified to suit the needs of the assignment.

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6th Grade Essay Topics

  1. Would you rather get or give a gift?
  2. What are some of your goals in life?
  3. If you could be anyone when you grow up, who would you be?
  4. What is the most selfless thing that you have ever done?
  5. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?
  6. Do you think that there are things that only men or only women can do? Why or why not?
  7. Do you think that astrological horoscopes are true? Why or why not?
  8. What are some of the difficulties faced by immigrants to a new country?
  9. If you could transform into any animal, what would it be and why?
  10. Have you ever been bullied or made to feel different? How did this experience make you feel?
  11. What was the happiest moment that you have ever experienced? Why?
  12. How can you talk to someone who has political or religious beliefs that are different than your own?
  13. What is the longest time that you have ever kept a secret? What was the secret?
  14. Write about an experience where you thought you knew something for certain, but were later proven to be wrong.
  15. Name and describe someone who has been an inspiration for your life.
  16. In 20 years, where do you think you will be? What will you be doing?
  17. How would your friends describe you? Is this an accurate description?
  18. How can you start off a conversation with someone that you do not know?
  19. What is your deepest, darkest fear?
  20. What do you believe in the most? How did you develop this belief?
  21. What is your favorite book? What is it about?
  22. What is your favorite thing to do after school or on the weekend?
  23. Have you ever been lost? How did you end up finding your way?

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