Is It Possible to Find a Good Free Essay Online

It is possible to find a good essay online, if you hire an academic writing company, but it will cost you.

  • It is important that you compare the prices side-by-side for multiple companies. You will find that most companies charge you the same amount of money or are close enough to the others per page. But then there are companies that charge an excessive amount. You should investigate as to why they charge more than the average company. Sometimes these companies have more highly qualified writers. Perhaps every writer on their staff has a PhD. Perhaps they give more guarantees. Perhaps they offer faster turnaround times and free revisions. If there's no obvious reason as to why the company is charging more than the average you should disregard the company and look at a new one. The same goes for lower rates. While there is a bit of fluctuation in the price range on average, it stays with more or less the same. If you find a company that that is charging only two dollars per page there may be a reason and you may not like that reason. That is why it is important to verify look to see if the company does that is charging lower prices are perhaps a new company. Perhaps this company is trying to break into the market and that is why they are charging lower prices. Or, on the other hand, perhaps this company hires writers from Pakistan or Bangladesh and these writers are not very well-qualified this can all result in a bad grade. That is why it is up to you to conduct preliminary research to determine which companies charge how much.

  • It is important that you verify customer service. The best way that you can test how efficient the customer service is, is to ask for luminary questions before you buy. By submitting a request for more information from each company that you were considering to write your paper for you, you can test how quickly they respond and how well that response is crafted. If the company outsources their writing to a country such as Pakistan or Bangladesh or India, you will easily see when reading the response from the customer service team that it is full on idioms and not so correct word usage. The signs of a second or third language learner are quite easy to pick up on when you're reading the response. And if you find such a response, or perhaps one that is just full of bad grammar or spelling errors, and you should look for another writing company. If they do not take the time to edit the responses to you or write a well-crafted response to your questions, they are not worth the time.

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