Looking For A Strong Example Of A Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

A cause and effect essay is one that stands to explain how one event or action leads to another or in some cases multiple effects. For example you flip a light switch up and then the light turns on. Smoking is a great topic to use for a cause and effect essay because there are plenty of research and scholarly essays about the effects of smoking on the human body.

Some of these could include:

  1. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer.
  2. There have been many studies that have concluded that the leading cause of lung cancer is smoking tobacco products. In this case the cause is action that the person is doing is smoking cigarettes and this leads some people to develop lung cancer.

  3. Smoking can cause reproductive issues in men and women.
  4. Smoking can lead to infertility, cervical cancer, early menopause and erectile dysfunction. Like in the last example the cause is smoking ant the effect is reproductive problems.

    As you can see smoking can cause many different effects but these effects can lead to a chain reaction where one effect leads to many more.

  5. Smoking causes reproductive issues which could lead to loneliness, then to depression and then eventually lead to suicide.
  6. In this case smoking was the cause that lead to reproductive issues and then leading to finally death. In this type of essay, not only do you have to find evidence to support that smoking causes reproductive issues but also that these issues lead to other socially issues and eventually suicide.

It is important to brain storm all the possible causes and effects of smoking. Ask yourself questions like: why did this happen? Or what happened before or after?

Once you’ve come up with all of you “effects” it is important to see which of these make the most logical sense and can be argued using data and facts.

After you’ve found the cause and effect/s that you want to argue in your essay, you need to develop a thesis that clearly states the purpose without giving away the main points. Your thesis should be informative enough so that the purpose is clearly stated without giving away the main points. When actually writing the thesis statement make sure that you include the words cause and effect so that your audience knows what you are trying to accomplish by writing the essay.

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