Top 27 Examples Of Intriguing Expository Essay Topics

An expository essay gives you a chance to explore the wildest topics you have ever thought about. Generating interest in your paper must therefore be your point of focus from the pre-writing stage. Endeavor to make the paper intriguing and captivating by writing on the following topics.

  1. 1. What are some of the examples of diversity in work places and what benefits does it offer to a company?
  2. 2. Who is your role model and why?
  3. 3. What do you understand by global warming and what can be done to reverse the damage faster?
  4. 4. Envision a world without internet communication
  5. 5. Analyze your favorite film and explain why it is captivating
  6. 6. What issue in your neighborhood does not receive the attention it deserves and what should be done about it?
  7. 7. What is the relationship between your mood and memory?
  8. 8. Has education any impact on the quality of life?
  9. 9. What is the most effective way to write a cover letter?
  10. 10. How do food-stamps work and should they be scaled up or down?
  11. 11. Has social media strengthened or weakened human interaction?
  12. 12. What do you understand by black hole?
  13. 13. What is the history of your school?
  14. 14. What are the dangers or consequences of obesity?
  15. 15. How should you prepare for a camp?
  16. 16. What is the definition of a smart consumer?
  17. 17. Which sport do you think is more interesting yet does not receive the attention it deserves?
  18. 18. What is the main cause of depression among fresh college men and how can it be avoided?
  19. 19. What strategy can you employ to guarantee victory in college elections?
  20. 20. Which is the best way to decide on the college to attend?
  21. 21. Which is the most memorable college scandal in your school life?
  22. 22. What is the history of social liberties in US?
  23. 23. What can be done to eliminate racism in US?
  24. 24. Should children be allowed to drop out of school and start businesses?
  25. 25. What is the contribution of space flight towards the technological advancement we have today?
  26. 26. Will robots ever take over from human beings?
  27. 27. What is the impact of having a child with special needs in the family?

The best topic for your essay is in an area you are passionate about. You may also consider a topic on an issue that has been grabbing headlines lately. The secret to a compelling expository essay topic is to make it fresh and unique.

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