A List Of Unusual Argumentative Essay Topics About Asylum-Seekers

Recently strong debates on the major changes in the enforcement of immigration law are raised by intelligentsia communities in many rich countries like Australia and the UK. These advanced countries receive numerous poor immigrant and asylum seekers who reach the shores for shelter, jobs and other purposes for better lifestyles. These asylum seekers have lost the connection with their home countries because of different unavoidable issues. The Australian government is trying to handle these refugees who submit their applications to make overstays in this country for settlement, money earning and standardization of the poor lifestyles. The argumentative essay topics on asylum seekers and new immigration laws are chosen to write the qualitative dissertations.

A List of Controversial Argumentative Topics on Asylum Seekers

  • - What do you think about new Australian immigration laws to restrict infiltration and movement of asylum seeker?
  • - Analyze the impact of entry of asylum seekers crossing the Australian border.
  • - Justify the claims of asylum seekers to have legal permission as refugees

Bring More Innovative Points to Compose Content on Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers are immigrants who have to leave for other countries for shelter and jobs. These refugees have work permits and visas to get permission to stay in foreign countries. Australian government has to take special initiatives to check the overflow of such unlawful infiltration. When you select the argumentative topic on asylum seekers, you should analyze the situation from different angles. For instance, of late Australian higher authority has brought a new law with intention to make difference between refugees and asylum seekers. An asylum seeker has no visas to cross the borders. His application for declaration of refugees is under process. He is feared because of persecution due to racial profiling and strong class division in his home land. So he needs protection, job security and shelter to overtake such gruesome crisis. This type of unlawful infiltrator is called asylum seeker in Australia.

Highlight Difference between Asylum Seekers and Refugees

On the other hand, a refugee has the legal brand of being refugee with permission to enter into the foreign land as he faces natural calamity at the time of living in his own country. He has no bad history of persecution or hostility. His country welcomes him to start living. However, he is desirous of entering into the foreign country with the hope of getting good jobs to earn money. They are laymen, workers and employees who have no better opportunities to make stays in their countries due to lack of economic resources to upgrade their financial careers. So the hot controversial topics can be formulated highlighting the condition of asylum seekers. Asylum seekers have to struggle and compete to have legal recognition from the government. They are not treated as immigrants, migrants and at least refugees. They are under pressure as their own home countries have venom of vexation and anger to exploit them. They are victims to persecution. Their condition needs to be improved. So your persuasive topics must be powerful to shoot many question tags to ask the readers to seek meaningful answers to end the turmoil of these migrants or asylum seekers.

Many controversial issues regarding rehabilitation of asylum seekers are published online. These topics must be current and useful to writers to do more self-discovery studies to prepare their academic dissertations. These topics get excellent ratings from experts. Your innovative analytical skill must boost up your mind to shortlist some recently published controversial argumentative topics on asylum seekers.

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