Things To Write About In A Cause And Effect Essay On Global Warming

For the past two decades, many researchers, scientists, and politicians from around the world have heavily discussed global warming. Information and speculation have reached a point that many individuals (even the professionals) are split on their answers. To some individuals, global warming is very real and to others it is all a myth.

When you begin constructing a cause and effect essay on global warming, here are a few things you should either ask or speak upon.

What are people referring to as “the greenhouse effect” and is it a benefit?

The greenhouse effect essentially is the reason why we are all able to live on this planet right now. It is a process of naturally keeping the planet warm through its gases. Without the greenhouse gases there to absorb some of the heat that come directly from the sun, we would not be able to survive the weather.

Understanding the difference between climate change and global warming.

While both climate change and global warming are typically used synonymously at times, they are not the same thing.

Climate change refers to the bigger picture that global warming is essentially a part of. When anyone brings up climate change they are talking about weather patterns and ecosystems.

For example, one main issue that is constantly being discussed is the ice melting at the North Pole. Not only should this be a major concern (and evidence of global warming) we as human beings should seek anyway we can prevent this from continuing on. Everyday products such as hair spray that people use on a daily basis have been linked to a cause.

Global warming is simply discussing the average temperature being recorded at the Earth’s surface.

Should we worry about the ozone hole?

If you are not aware of ozone hole (in particular the ozone layer in general) this will be a great discussion for you to research and bring up. For the most part, the ozone hole is a very beneficial element in space. However, in regards to global warming the conversation is important to speak about. With the ozone layer becoming thinner, individuals (on average) have experienced the effects of ultraviolet rays’ levels (which the ozone layer protects us from) increase.

Overall, it is quite important to understand the debate that is currently going on with global warming. With the current evidence and examples as to what we should be worrying about continue to surface, it is apparent that the cause and effects being presented are valid arguments.

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