Picking Strong Argumentative Essay Topics On Genetics


Genetics is the branch of science studies that deals with the study of genes and heredity of living organisms. Mendel, the father of genetics, first discovered the truth behind genes and heredity. Genes are principle unit of heredity. The genes of parents generally carry forward the dominant traits to the child or the offspring. The genes determine the colour of one’s eyes, skin, etc. The study of genetics is carried on in different universities throughout the world.

Writing argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is a type of essay in which the writer needs to express her or his opinion by giving strong logical evidence in the opinion’s support. For that the writer must possess enough knowledge about the topic he is writing. He should do a thorough research on the topic by going to the library, following books and articles.

In case of genetics the person needs to be very careful about picking up points that are relevant to the topic. Picking up or selecting topic on genetics for argumentative essay is a challenging job. So you must give attention in selecting them. You must choose such a topic that can keep your attention intact throughout the writing process.

Moreover, you should keep in mind the readers for whom you are writing the essay. The topic should be interesting for both of you and your readers.

Some topics on genetics

The topic that you are selecting should be catchy enough to grab your readers’ attention. The topic or the title should not be lengthy and it should be a recent topic. Don’t use topic that is already done by your senior. But you can take help from the writing of your seniors. Try to follow the recently done essays, as these will follow the format widely accepted worldwide. Here are some topics on genetics for your help:

  • The pros and cons of genetic engineering
  • Mendelian and classical genetics
  • Is genetic testing the facility to improve the quality of life?
  • Is genetic testing accurate?
  • Is cloning legal?
  • Is genetics related to human behaviour?
  • Are genetics responsible for allergies?
  • Genetics vs. Environment
  • Is coning legal or illegal?
  • Chromatin structure and gene regulation
  • Recombination and genetic linkage
  • Is the genes carrier of living cells?
  • Can genetic testing maintain confidentiality?
  • Is discrimination an inevitable result of genetic testing?

Given the ever innovative field that genetics is, it is important for you to be innovative in the choice of topics as well.

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