Academic Writing Help: Fresh Process Analysis Essay Writing Ideas

A peculiarity of process analysis essays is that you have to demonstrate not only good writing skills, but also tell your readers something they would be curious to learn. Here are several fresh topic ideas broken up by themes.

Human Body

If you have a strong interest in biology, you can produce a fascinating essay by describing a physiological process. Most people seldom think of how their bodies work.

  • How the human immunity system combats an infection.
  • How a woman’s organism produces milk for her baby.
  • How a common method of combating insomnia works (what exactly happens in our organism when we apply it).
  • How a popular method to quit smoking works (select one particular method, and look at what happens on a physiological level).

Human Mind

Writing about a process in the human mind requires a considerable amount of research, but this way, your essay will certainly stand out.

  • The process of learning a foreign word.
  • The process of forming a memory.
  • The process of color recognition by the human eye and brain.
  • The processes in the human brain that are caused by a particular disease (e. g. Alzheimer’s).


This category is pretty self-explanatory. To make your essay more interesting, focus on a recently invented technological item, such as a 3D-printer or a Tesla car.

  • How a specific kind of vaccine is made.
  • How an electric car’s engine works.
  • How a solar panel produces electricity.
  • How a 3D-printer works.
  • How a genetic modification is done.

Things around Us

Almost every item we use in our daily lives can make a good topic for a process analysis essay. If you describe how to repair or make a particular thing at home, your readers may be particularly grateful.

  • How a particular cosmetics item (e. g. a lipstick) is made.
  • How a cell phone takes pictures.
  • How automobile GPS works.
  • How to repair a clock on your own.
  • How to repair a car engine on your own.

Social Processes

A good way to surprise your readers is choosing to write about a process that occurs in human interactions, rather than a technological one. Here are just a few of the virtually endless opportunities in this case:

  • The parliament election process.
  • The children’s adoption process in your country.
  • The process of astronauts’ flight preparations.
  • The process of an athlete’s training in a specific type of sport.
  • The process of learning a particular dance.
  • The process of providing emergency medical care to a person with a particular kind of trauma (drowning, burns, or an electric currency injury).

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