Tips For Students: How Do I Improve My Essay Writing Skills?

Some students are good at writing essays while some are absolutely pedestrian. Some meanwhile are absolutely brilliant. What makes this distinction? There actually are different reasons to it. Of course, passion and zeal play their part but it is even more essential to understand the craft of writing these pieces.

Here is how you improve your skills at writing these pieces

  • -Improve reading skills – Spark interest in going through redoubtable pieces of different nature; narrative, expository, reflective; fictional, argumentative et al. Do not satisfy yourself to just one example from each type; keep reading till you gain an inroad.
  • -Get good at structuring – Learn to craft small and meaningful sentences and in effect neat paragraphs. Hone the instinctive knowledge of what should and what should not appear in such pieces. Learn to place typical examples in illustrative form. Endeavor to argue and assert.
  • -Understanding the topic – You should spare extra time in understanding the topic deeply and not just at the surface. When you feel you can think differentially on atopic, then you can do justice to it without actually trying very hard.
  • -Work on narrative – Keep practicing narrative pieces; infusing interest and spark in each of your attempts. When you become good at this type, rest assured that you can handle the others with relative ease.
  • -Conduct debates – Think of a few persuasive or discursive topics and conduct debates on them with your classmates or family members. This will help broaden your perspective and you will find it convenient in penning fruitful pieces on the topic/s.
  • -Gather resources – You should endeavor to gather credible resources on the topic. Please do not fall in the trap of thinking that essays do not demand that much labor. If you think that way, you will hardly ever be able to pen crisp and convincing pieces.
  • -Sharpen your acuity – Sharpen your acuity to such a degree that you can freely write on both sides of any topic with confidence and candor. This will help you think between the lines and delve deep into the layers.

Work on creation

Of course, it is also imperative to work on your creative urges. Work on your writing style and also keep your mind open. Try and remain observant; especially about the occurrences around you. Normal lives give great indications.

You should also take directions and ideas from your teachers as to how you can shape your ideas in abidance with the teaching approaches.

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